Mulberry Hill’s Storied Past

Mulberry Hill possesses a distinguished and storied past. The first known entries in North Carolina’s colonial history concerning Mulberry Hill speak of it as a royal land grant to the Blount family whose property was patented there in 1699, thereby making its establishment one of the earliest outgrowths of the Jamestown settlement.

This property is now eliciting accolades from those who stroll its grounds. For today, Mulberry Hill on the Albemarles Sound is emerging as a premier golf and residential community — one that offers its residents the distinctive opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle combining spectacular homesites surrounded by a peaceful waterfront set against a background of carefully preserved history.

Just as important to the Mulberry Hill community, however, is its centerpiece — the majestic Georgian 18th century four-storied brick Mulberry Hill manor house embellished with Adam archways, mantels, wainscoting, and cornice, all surrounded by its 12ft walls and ceilingspan. It is of unsurpassed elegance.

The manor house now serves as an elegant bed & breakfast, which, when you come to visit the available home sites, can be your home away from home while visiting the properties and the surrounding area.

Step through the front door of the majestic manor house, and step back in time into a classic Georgian home dating from the mid-eighteenth century. Take notice of the detailed and painstakingly created handcarved wainscoting and mantels. Step across the wide pine floors and enjoy our home, which has been carefully decorated with period antiques and accessories by Mrs. Thomas B. Wood and Michaux’s Interiors of Raleigh.

Our larger bedrooms possess magnificent original four poster beds of particular beauty. A journey to the top of the staircase will be rewarded with a spectacular view through a five foot wide fan window.

A full country breakfast will be served each morning in our main dining room.

Mulberry Hill Inn is also is available for private parties, meeting, weddings, and receptions.

To learn more about the Inn and see photos of its interior and grounds, go the

When you come to visit the Golf Course Property homesites, plan to stay in the Mulberry Hill Inn!